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Google is still the leading search engine in all countries, although here and there, we are starting to see other players in the market. See here which one is the most appropriate for you.

1. Portugal

Portuguese searches on the leading search engines in the last 12 months.

Google continues to dominate the European market, and Portugal follows the same trend.

When we look at all Google platforms, it’s still above 96% in the searches performed, followed by Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGO by a wide margin.

In the case of searches carried out on mobile terminals, the difference is even more significant, with Google very close to absolute control of the search market in Portugal.

2. Spain

Spanish searches on the leading search engines in the last 12 months.

Also, in Spain, Google dominates the market of searches carried out by internet users on search engines.

In line with the rest of the European market, Google is still above 96% in searches carried out on all devices in Spain, followed by Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGO.

The trend of Google’s overwhelming dominance in search queries, carried out on mobile devices, also continues in Spain, where the market share is above 99%.

3. Germany

Bing continues to grow in German search engine searches in the last 12 months, but still far from Google’s figures which are still above 92%.

Still, it is interesting to see the competitor’s growth over time, also seen in other markets, with some moves against Google’s absolute dominance, especially concerning online searches and where environmental issues have a great weight, being the main differentiator of Ecosia.

In Germany, some smaller search engines also stand out, as is the case of Ecosia, which appears in third place after Google and Bing, followed by DuckDuckGO and Yahoo.

In addition, regarding searches carried out on mobile devices, Google also dominates but the growth of Ecosia, although still slight, is starting to be noticed, even more than on the other platforms.

4. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom continues to be one of the European countries where Bing has the highest market share, close to 5%. Yahoo comes third and keeps its market share above 1%, followed by DuckDuckGO and Ecosia.

In the case of mobile device searches, Google dominates, the explanation for Bing’s lack of a higher share being the low computer literacy of many users since they do not change the search engine pre-installed on desktop computers with the Windows operating system.

5. Europe

Google continues to dominate at the European level, followed at a distant second by Bing. In third place comes Yandex RU, the Russian search engine which has a significant penetration in Russia with an astounding 43% use, but only with 1.6% in Europe. Yahoo is in fourth place, followed by DuckDuckGO.

The most significant change at the European level is in mobile phone usage. Despite the dominance of the Google search engine, the use of Yandex by Russian internet users leads this search engine to second place in the European ranking, followed by Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGO.


Google continues to be the leading search engine in all countries, although we are beginning to see other players in the market, either by nationality, as is the case of Yandex UK, or by the differentiating proposal that some search engines present, such as Ecosia, with its environmentally friendly model and DuckDuckGO, with the utmost concern for the protection of customer data, are examples to keep in mind.

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