87% of top performers in digital marketing use marketing automation

Marketing automation is essential for any marketing and sales strategy. These strategies automate marketing tasks that are key to accelerating the sales funnel and ensuring you don’t lose any customers. At Link37 we work with the best marketing automation tools that allow you to save time and focus on the right customers!

360º view of your customers

Every interaction that a customer has with your brand whether on your website, mobile applications, emails or any other channel where you are present, both offline and online, gives us very important and relevant information about our customers.

We work with tools that allow you to unite all these data points to provide a unified profile of all your customers.

automação de marketing netcore
automação de marketing netcore

Customer Journey

Work on the relationship with your customers. Customer experience is not just in the act of purchase. It is important to work pre-purchase and post-purchase.

We create maps of the entire journey of each customer, in order to better understand how they interact individually with the brand and thus find their motivation behind the purchase.

Adapt the content to your customer

We don’t all like the same things!

This is also true with your customers. Not everyone has the same tastes, interests or economic capacity.

That’s where content adaptation comes in. Depending on the profile of your customers, we adapt, in real time, the contents of your website to what really interests your customer.

conteudo adaptado ao clientes do seu ecommerce

Ask us how to personalise your customers' experience!