How to check if my ads are running?

| How to check if my ads are running?

To check if our ads are already running without harming the ad metrics, we can use a tool called I Search From.

1. Log in to

2. Select the country to perform a search.

3. Choose the language.

4. Set the device you would like to test.

5. Write the keywords that should display your ad.

We can provide more detail if we want a more refined search.

City: Allows your search to appear in the cities that you choose. Very useful for local SEO. 

Pages from the specified country: Restricts the search to a specific country.

Pages in the selected language: Only displays the language selected above.

Logged in: This shows the search engines associated with the user log-in account. That is extremely important for testing retargeting and multi-device usage.

Custom Search: Shows the search engines associated with the registered user’s Google account to target the search according to its preferences.

Search Security: Filters topics with erotic or explicit sexual content.

Google domain: Sets the Google domain from which the search is done.