| How to change the Google Ads payment method?

To be able to create ads in Google Ads, it is required to have the primary payment method associated with your account. That is the method Google has chosen to ensure that there is always value available to keep the ads running correctly and that they are paid automatically. You can always change or remove the credit card you are using, but it will always have to be replaced with another payment method in your account. If you wish to stop your account costs, you should put your campaigns on pause since it’s not possible to create an account without a payment method.

How to change the credit card that is used as the primary payment method:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account by entering your email and password.
google ads faqs
google ads faqs

2. Click on the tools icon and under “Invoicing” choose invoice summary.

3. Click Payment methods in the menu to the left.

4. Click the Add new payment method button.

google ads faqs 5

5. You will see the available payment methods. These are based on your company address, the currency of your account and the payment method (automatic payments).

6. Set this payment as the primary method: click the Select As drop-down menu and choose Primary.

7. Find the previous payment method and click Remove.

Does Google accept prepaid cards?

Yes, but there are limitations regarding the card issuer. Cards issued by MBway are accepted, but Revolut cards, for example, will not work.

Can I pay Google Ads with a Revolut card?

No, at the time of writing, cards issued by Revolut are not yet accepted by Google to pay for ads. That is because Revolut cards are prepaid cards and therefore not recognised by Google.