All organizations have responsibilities to their people, their clients and society. In Link37 we are taking this responsibility very seriously. We believe that alongside the core business, giving back to society is a critical part of doing business. That is why we decided to dedicate 10% of our times to pro bono companies. See below the company we work with, to support them with our digital marketing services. 

Team photo link37
Team photo link37

Meet Academia Ten

With the mission to help every child to discover its own value and the value of others surrounded by him, Academia Ten offers personalized assistance for children and teenagers who the school can’t reach. With their own working methodology and the help of a network of connections, Academia Ten are the defenders of the internal and social development off students.

Partnering with Associação Terra dos Sonhos and SCML, they are aiming to support children and young’s from temporary care homes and foster homes by integrating them into their activities and routine from the academy.

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Spreading their mission through Social Media

In Link37 we believe that together we can have the biggest impact. Knowing about the core values of Academia Ten and the work and participation of each team member, as a digital marketing agency we want to help to reach more children, who need support to get the most out of them and to discover and develop their skills. 

Saying so, we are glad to accompany and support Academia Ten on their social media channel to work hand in hand, with the aim of spreading their mission to the world.

Visit Academia Ten´s social media profiles: