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Marketing automation, is essential to your marketing and sales strategy. It encompasses automating marketing tasks that are fundamental to the smooth running of your sales funnel, but that are time consuming. Time that you could be using in other tasks to maximize your income.

Link37 will help you to implement the best automation strategy, as well as providing a more personalized experience to your leads from the first contact until the end of the customer journey.

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CRM is a customer relationship management platform that helps companies to track the sales funnel and lead nutrition until the end of the customer journey.

Marketing automation cannot exist without a good CRM tool. Even better is having a CRM with marketing automation in order to segment and provide a personalized experience to each lead and / or customer according to their relationship with the company.

Link37 is a partner of Hubspot, one of the largest CRM platforms in the world. We will help you integrate your activities so that you can automate repetitive marketing and sales tasks, manage your leads, follow your customers’ behavior and obtain performance reports in one place.

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Email Marketing

Email is one of the tools that brings the greatest return on investment. We realized the work that goes into making email sending strategies and that you probably are still not seeing results.

That is why email marketing is part of marketing automation tools. To ensure the best results, a strategy is needed that includes the best platforms where you can get contacts and send emails according to the type of customer.

Customers love to hear about your company and products, we will help you implement the best strategy for your business.

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Lead Generation

This is the process of attracting leads that can be converted into customers in the future. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are different ways to get leads, and that this strategy has to be aligned with the content strategy.

Leave this job to us, as we have experience in different strategies for attracting leads so that you can turn them into potential customers.

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