Instagram Guides Are Now Available to Everyone

In May this year, Instagram introduced its newest content feature: the guides.

These are recommendation lists, shaped in blog format, that brands and content creators can make to introduce their favorite products, locations, and Instagram posts. When Instagram introduced guides, it was first available to creators and brands with topics around wellbeing, to help people cope with the effects of Covid-19 in their lives.

Why would this feature be important to your brand?

1. The first, and foremost, reason is that it allows brands to create more content on the app.

  • The main idea of Instagram guides is to strictly share recommendations. This will make brands more human, more personal and relatable to their followers because this is what consumers are expecting from them.
  • Boost your influencer marketing game. Get your brand included in a recommendation list from a trendy celebrity or influencer. Around 49% of consumers look up to influencer’s recommendations of products before buying.

2. Improve your social media SEO and gain more organic followers.

  • As guides are blog-like posts, keywords will play an important role to boost your organic following.

3. Engage more with your current followers.

  • When creating lists, make sure they are relevant to your followers and target audience. Create lists on trending topics, with catchy headlines and great copy.

Where can you find it?

  • To see other accounts’ guides, you can either: Go to a specific account and look for the guides’ tab. Or go to the shopping tab on your main navigator menu (on the bottom), reach the menu icon on the top-right corner and click on “Explore Guides”.
  • To create your own guide, reach the “+” button on your account’s profile.

Here are some examples of great Instagram guides:


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