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No business works without monitoring its results. The ideal for your company is to understand the performance of your online campaigns and initiatives, identify deficiencies in the marketing channels and adjust future strategies.

The concept of analytics in marketing goes further. You can offer a personalized experience to your potential and current customers because you know how they behave online.

Each decision that Link37 makes regarding its brand’s online presence is essentially based on data. We take pride in our different tools and skills to gather the most important information to help your brand grow and reach the right customers.

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Google Analytics

You are using different platforms for the various business activities and it is difficult to track data from these disconnected platforms, right? The best is to have all the information about your campaigns, products and services in one place, a single report. Contact us now to find out how we can help!

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Marketing Analytics

In addition to the results of your campaigns, understand how your target audience acts online. Get information about consumer preferences and trends in your industry with marketing analytics. From the beginning to the end of the customer journey, from social networks to your website, Link37 will help you make informed decisions in order to obtain the greatest return on your activity in the digital world.

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