Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers through valuable content and experiences

Inbound marketing is a methodology to attract loyal customers to your business by aligning with your target audience's needs. Creating tailored marketing experiences through valuable content is the core of an inbound marketing strategy that helps you drive customer engagement and growth.

Investing the same resources each month, allows for a growing flow of visits, registrations, business opportunities, and sales. It is carried out through the creation of specific content combined with the use of various marketing software, enabling strategies such as lead nurturing, lead scoring, content personalization, and more.

What is Inbound Marketing?

To reach and engage with that target audience effectively, you need to shift your business focus toward inbound marketing strategies.

By using social media, email marketing, blogging, and a truly exceptional website, you can create valuable, informative, and engaging content that pulls people in and cultivates a genuine connection with your brand. Embracing the inbound methodology serves as a strong foundation for building momentum to attract new prospects and ultimately drive business growth.


Why is Inbound Marketing important?

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When customers find success and share that success with others, it attracts new prospects to your organization, creating a self-sustaining loop. This is how your organization builds momentum, and this is why the inbound methodology serves as a strong foundation for your flywheel.

How does Inbound Marketing work?

Attract Tools
Social media
Content strategy
Engage Tools
Lead flows
Email marketing
Lead management
Conversational bots
Marketing automation
Delight Tools
Smart content
Email marketing
Conversations inbox
Attribution reporting
Marketing automation

To attract your audience members on a deeper level through inbound marketing, optimize all this content with an SEO strategy. Target specific keywords and phrases related to your products or services, the challenges you solve for customers, and the ways you help customers.

When using inbound strategies to engage your audience, make sure you’re communicating and dealing with leads and customers in a way that makes them want to build long-term relationships with you. When using these engagement strategies, inject information about the value your business will give them.

Inbound strategies that delight make sure customers are happy, satisfied, and supported long after they buy. These strategies involve your team members becoming advisors and experts who can assist customers at any time.

Looking for plans and pricing?

Inbound Pricing - (Starting at) 1 400€ / month

By combining the inbound methodology with  HubSpot software, you’ll grow your business and get customers to buy more, stay with you longer, refer their friends, and tell the world they love you.

Uses Cases

Organic Volume increase

(data from 2019 to 2023)

Organic Volume increase

(data from 2021 to 2022)

Organic Volume increase

(data from 2021 to 2022)