Festina Group

A Shopify store Success Story

Discover how Festina Group navigated obstacles, adopted cutting-edge digital solutions, and attained outstanding outcomes through collaboration with our digital agency's proficiency.


The Client

With a formidable presence spanning over 90 countries across five continents, extensive multi-brand expertise, and an impressive annual sale of 5 million watches, Festina Group has solidified its position as a global leader in the watchmaking industry. Renowned for our commitment to quality, exceptional value, and unwavering dedication to after-sales service, we have emerged as an international benchmark, dominating key markets worldwide.

Services we provided

  • Shopify Website
  • Product Feed management
  • Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing focuses on attracting, engaging, and delighting prospects through valuable content and experiences. It leverages SEO, content marketing, and social media to drive organic customer acquisition and foster lasting relationships.

  • Afiliation Marketing

Collaborate with partners to promote products/services. Partners earn commissions for sales generated through their referrals, fostering mutually beneficial relationships and expanding brand reach

  • Outbound Marketing

Proactively reach out to prospects through advertising, cold calling, and email blasts. Focus is on pushing messages to generate immediate leads and conversions.



Through a strategic partnership between Festina Group and our digital marketing agency, we embarked on a journey to elevate the brand's online presence and drive growth in the competitive watchmaking market. Leveraging a comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassing outbound advertising, product feed management, and innovative campaigns, Festina Group achieved remarkable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) milestones.

Our focus on maximizing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) delivered substantial returns while efficiently acquiring new clients. By fine-tuning campaigns and cultivating strategic alliances, Festina Group witnessed notable enhancements in brand visibility, customer engagement, and streamlined client acquisition.

Moreover, the Shopify website we meticulously crafted from scratch served as the cornerstone of Festina Group's digital presence, providing a seamless and immersive experience for customers worldwide. This holistic approach not only optimized ROI but also positioned Festina Group for sustained success in the ever-evolving digital landscape, underscoring the collaborative synergy between our digital marketing agency and the esteemed brand.

Shopify Website and product feed management. 
Multi-channel Online advertising while inside ROAS agreed values.

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