Email marketing is one of the highest ROI Digital Marketing tactics!

Email is the highest return on investment tool yet. We realise how much work it takes to make email strategies and that you’re probably still not seeing the results.
That’s why email marketing is part of marketing automation tools. To ensure better outcomes, you need a strategy that includes the best platforms, where you can collect contacts and send emails according to the type of customer.
Customers love to hear about your company and products; we will help you implement the best strategy for your business.

Link37 is a partner of Netcore Cloud, Egoi and ActiveCamaping, one of the best email marketing tools we provide to our clients.

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Customer Journey

We create strategies that increase the deliverability of your emails, avoiding SPAM boxes and others, achieving values over 95% of delivery in the primary email box.

Email marketing automatisms allow significant increments in sales.

We partner with the best platforms

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