Instagram guides are now available for all accounts!

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In May this year, Instagram introduced its new content feature: Instagram guides.

Guides are lists of recommendations shaped into a blog format that brands and content creators can make to showcase their favourite products, publications and places.

Why is this functionality relevant to your brand?

1. The first and most important reason is that the guides allow brands to create more content on the platform.

  • The main idea of Instagram guides is to share recommendations. That will make brands more human, personal and relatable with their followers, as expected. On top of this, it’s a new way of doing influencer marketing.
    Try including your brand on a recommendation list of a celebrity or successful influencer. Around 49% of consumers check product recommendations made by influencers before buying.

2. It improves your social media SEO and allows you to get more organic followers.

  • Guides are blog-like publications, so relevant industry keywords will play an impactful role in increasing organic traffic.

3. Engage more with your current followers.

When creating guides, ensure they are relevant to your followers and target audience. Create lists of trending topics with catchy titles and excellent text.

Where can you find these guides?

  • To be able to see the tabs of other Instagram accounts:
    • Once you’ve logged into the profile you want, you’ll see a tab for the guides next to the publications, shop and tags tab.
    • Or, in the main browser (at the bottom), click the shop icon, go to the menu icon in the top right corner and click “Explore Guides”.
  • To create your guide: go to the “+” button on your profile.

Some of our favourite guides:

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Pedro Duarte Almeida