How to add a link on Instagram?

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One thing is clear with any social network: they don’t want people to leave their platform. Platforms benefit accounts that embrace meaningful interactions with their followers.

By including clickable links on Facebook or Instagram, you are not creating content specifically for these platforms and interacting with your followers. However, it is important to share links to blog posts, service pages, and so on, to drive traffic to the website and increase conversions.

A challenge many businesses face is not being able to add links to an Instagram post. In fact, you can add links, but they won’t be clickable. Instead of sharing links on your Instagram post, consider the following tips above!

So, where can we add links?

  1. Add a link in your bio.
  2. Explore Instagram action buttons (call to action).
  3. Add a link to your story.
  4. Promote a post
  5. Create an Instagram shop
  6. Always put links on IGTV

1. Add a link in your bio.

You’ve probably noticed that in many post descriptions, there’s a mention of “click the link in the bio”. That’s because this is the first link your followers will see when they log into your account. There are many ways to present this link:

  • you can put a link of your choice, for example, the homepage of your site;
  • or you can share a tool that groups links together.

Not being able to include different links in the bio is a clear disadvantage for businesses. There is plenty to share, and the limitation of just one link may not bring the desired results. The link grouping tools were created to overcome this issue.

A profile link tool is an innovative way to present your most important links to your followers in one place. What’s great is that there are currently plenty of such tools, a wide range to choose from.

Here at Link37, we have been using Linktree. Linktree is an extremely easy-to-use profile linking tool. With the free version, you can do just enough: add unlimited links and titles and arrange the order of your links.

The PRO version of Linktree, which is available for a fee of $6 (€4.93) allows you to, in addition to customizable links:

  • schedule your links
  • add priority links
  • add icons and images to links, email and SMS subscriptions,
  • add social network icons and unlock unique theme options and more.

Additional popular tools are and Later’s LinkinBio. Both tools replicate your Instagram feed so your followers can easily find links. You can enjoy the free version with some limitations or expand your options with the paid version.36


2. Explore Instagram action buttons (call to action)

CTA (call to action) buttons are proven to be one of the top marketing tools, and depending on how you use them, they can ensure high-converting results for your business. Therefore, each social platform has its own CTA features.

To add a button, go to ‘Edit Profile’ and click on ‘Action Buttons’. Instagram allows you to add the following ones:

  • Book,
  • Schedule,
  • Purchase Tickets
  • Start a Request.

There’s a fixed list of services available, so make sure the platform you are on is listed.

You must have an Instagram Business profile to add a properly-optimized CTA.


3. Add a link to your story

Instagram stories are one of the best ways to engage with your current audience. The challenge will be to drive those followers back to your profile or a website link. You can do this by using a sliding-up link.

Unfortunately, not all accounts can add these links. For now, only verified accounts and business accounts with more than 10,000 followers will be able to take advantage of this tool.

However, there’s no need to be discouraged if your account doesn’t fall into those categories. You can also add the CTA buttons to your stories and still be able to convert.


4. Promote a post

Organic reach on social media platforms decreases every year. To push your business forward, you’ll need to set a budget for ads and promoting posts. When you boost a post, you’ll see a series of CTA buttons to use depending on the campaign objective. That is a great way to increase traffic to a selected destination.


5. Create an Instagram shop

Set up your shop on Instagram! Take the items you sell in your e-commerce shop and put them on Instagram. This way, you can add a shop sticker to your posts and redirect future customers to your website.

Now, with the new Instagram tabs, your business has a new way to present products in an attractive way to generate conversions.


6. Always put links on IGTV

On IGTV, you can add clickable links, yet, there is one drawback: it’s not obvious to your followers. That might be the biggest problem with IGTV. The only way to add a link is to write it in the description box. Even then, it’s not clear where to find the description because it’s hidden behind the title.

One way to overcome this, the video should mention: “you can find more information by clicking the link in the title.”

Instagram updates services frequently, and future, there will be more ways to feature links and drive traffic to your website. That is just one of the many strategies available to boost results.

If you want to learn more and improve your social media performance, Link37 will help you map out and execute a perfect plan. Contact us to learn more!


Pedro Duarte Almeida